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Chain of Lakes Project: Lake Francis Sediment Report

The CROW Joint Powers released the North Fork Crow River Protection Lake Assessment Final Report in late 2016. This project looks at the sediment and phosphorus sources in 10 lakes in Wright and Meeker County, including Lake Francis.

Lake Francis Sediment Report


Process. 4 sediment samples were taken from the deepest point in Lake Francis in late July. These samples were sent to the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where they were tested for the total amount of phosphorus and sediment conditions. Along with measurements to determine whether or not the phosphorus found in the lake is coming from external land uses or if it is coming from internal sources.

Preliminary Results. The total amount of phosphorus found in the sediment was relatively low compared to other lakes in the region (within the lower 25% quartile) and the samples, under controlled conditions, exhibited very little internal loading of phosphorous into the water column. Of the low levels of phosphorus in the lake, a majority of it originates from incoming runoff and streams.

Next Steps. The raw data collected by the University of Wisconsin-Stout will be used to model phosphorus source areas and develop a virtual TMDL for Lake Francis. After this process is complete, a public meeting will be held to discuss results and future action.

Additional Chain of Lakes Project Information

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