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Board Spotlight: Bob Flemming, Holiday Beach

What is your Lake Francis Story?

Fifty years ago my parents bought the cabin we now own. I was 5 at the time. About 15 years ago, Judy and I purchased the cabin from Mom and Dad.

When did you become an LFARCC Board Member?

Tim Pivec approached me about 15 years ago to become a Board member. Who can say no to Tim? Not me! It’s been a great experience and one I would recommend to anyone on the lake considering joining the Board.

What is the Association doing that you’re most proud of?

The Lake Association has accomplished many good things over the years. The one I’m most proud of is our effort to protect and improve the quality of the lake. I believe the Association has made a very large impact in this effort.

What do you enjoy most about Lake Francis?

I’ve always enjoyed the good people around the lake. Many are life-long friends. It’s also been a place where new friends have become a part of the Lake Francis family. I also love the fact that you can come up to the lake in the middle of the week and it feels like you are the only one on the lake.

Tell us more about yourself…

Judy and I (mostly Judy) have raised three children at the lake. She is in charge of the family while I go out on a vacation each week—her words, not mine. I’m a retired Air Force officer, and now, a pilot for Delta airlines.

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