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Board Spotlight: Nancy Friesen, Ranta Lane

Nancy Friesen, Ranta Lane

When did you become a Board Member?

I have been on the Board since 1994. There was no representative from Ranta Lane at that time.

What is the Lake Association doing that you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of the commitment of our volunteers. Many volunteer hours are spent measuring water quality, cleaning Eagle Creek and applying for grants— just to name a few ways volunteers help Lake Francis. The newsletter have given valuable education to our members, too.

What is your Lake Francis story?

We purchased the cabin in 1993 from my step-daughter’s uncle. He, his wife and in-laws built the cabin originally. As they had moved to California, they were no longer able to enjoy using the cabin.

What do you enjoy most about Lake Francis?

My children and grandchildren have enjoyed the fishing over the years. Although we take the boat out, most fishing seems to be done from the dock now. When they were younger, there was more tubing, etc.

Tell us more about yourself…

I retired from the hospital in Monticello in 2015 after working there 45 years in the business and finance end of the organization. Currently, I am treasurer of our township and also serve on the executive board of our church. I have two sons, their wives and five granddaughters. Our cabin is a seasonal getaway. Although parking is minimal, we do enjoy family gatherings on the lake!

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