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A History of the Lake Francis Area

Have you wondered about the history of the area where you live or have your cabin?

A group of dedicated Lake Francis residents gathered that information for you. In 2010 a book with the above title was published through the Lake Francis Area Recreation and Conservation Club. At that time, the association took orders for hardcover and softcover “coffee table” books. All ordered were sold. In recent years the organization has received requests to again have these books available.

In speaking with the printer, Fox Tracks, they are willing to do soft cover reprints at a price of $25 plus shipping. The books are color printed and approximately 200 pages. Many of your friends or neighbors may well have a book for you review. The printer thought the lead time would be within a week’s time.

If you are interested, you can contact them at Mention that you are a member of the Lake Francis ARCC. Shipping cost will vary based upon the number of books purchased and the method of shipping.

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