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BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Janice Smith, Outlots

When did you become a LFARCC Board Member?

It’s been about 10 years that I’ve been representing the Outlots. I currently assist with business memberships, new property owner information, the local calendar of events, social media updates, and this year the Lake Francis Area garage sale.

What is the Lake Association doing that you’re most proud of?

The board is doing a great job of keeping lake property owners up-to-date and informed of AIS and potential consequences. The board is always trying to get important information in front of property owners such as natural lakeshore restoration to prevent erosion, etc., which helps the entire lake.

What is your Lake Francis story?

As a child, we would frequent the beach as it was one of the nicest around at that time. I have lived here for 20+ years with my family. My husband’s family has been on the lake since the late 1940s. They owned a farm here at that time, eventually selling lots and building small cabins on lots along Wildwood Terrace. We have a few acres, which allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds—the lake, motor sports and some privacy.

What do you enjoy most about Lake Francis?

We have enjoyed the lake year-round since moving here. Being near the water has let us create some great family memories. We enjoy fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, and just cruising around the lake. We try to get on the water 4-5 times a week in the Summer as it’s like a mini vacation away from life. We also enjoy cross country skiing and ice fishing in the winter months.

Tell us a little more about yourself!

My husband and I have two college-age kids who still enjoy being home and spending time with us. We enjoy the outdoors and most anything on the water and spending time with family & friends. I am a realtor with Edina Realty which allows me to assist people with their dreams of home ownership whether it’s here on the lake or elsewhere in MN, very rewarding!

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