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About Us

Incorporated in 1970.

The Lake Francis Area Recreation and Conservation Club works on behalf of its members to conserve and improve the natural resources of Lake Francis and to promote the enjoyment and safety of water recreation for all. The LFARCC is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Lake associations play an important role in the preservation and protection of a valuable community resource such as Lake Francis by providing a delicate balance between "man" and nature. There is a monumental need to maintain and preserve the ecosystem of the lake for the present and future use and enjoyment of generations to come. Lake Francis Area Recreation and Conservation Club has been established to fill this crucial need. LFARCC represents the interests of the lake shore owners and those who use Lake Francis.


The Lake Francis Area Recreation and Conservation Club was organized in July 1969 and incorporated as a non-profit corporation on October 8, 1970.

The first LFARCC Board of Directors were: Juell Pearson, W.H. Ranta, Gary Mansicka, Robert Gladwin, William Ulsrom, Warry Wanhala, Richard Orn, L.W. Sandberg, John Hamilton, Frank E. Kuhn and Steve Sikkila. The 1970 dues were set at $3 per year for a family membership and $2 for an individual membership. 

The original Board of Director established six districts that adhered to the property subdivisions' boundaries that were already platted and in place for the lake community, including Sunset Terrace, Wildwood Terrace, Ranta Lane, Holiday Beach, Melody Lane and Townships adjoining Lake Francis. Over the years, Rustic Ridge (1977), Pirates Cove (1980), East Shore/Westview Terrace (1983) and Hidden Forest (2001) have been added as districts.

Past LFARCC Presidents since its 1969 inception:

  • 1969-70, 70-71, 71-72: Marty Sandberg

  • 1972-73, 73-74, 74-75, 75-76, 76-77: Mike Tatone

  • 1977-78, 1978-79: Fred Barkosky

  • 1979-80, 80-81: Pete Perusse

  • 1981-82, 82-83: Harold Thune

  • 1983-84: Mike Loegering

  • 1984-85: Frank Bye

  • 1985-86: Ray Ward

  • 1986-87: Tom Bultman

  • 1987-88: Tom Bultman

  • 1988-89, 89-90: Fred Krueger

  • 1990-91, 91-92: Bonnie Kohl

  • 1992-93, 93-94, 94-95: Russ Ruona

  • 1995-96, 96-97: Russ Miles

  • 1997-98: Nancy Dahlen

  • 1998-99, 99-00, 00-01, 01-02: Rod Conrad

  • 2002-03, 03-04, 04-05, 05-06: Al Jorgensen

  • 2006-07: Rod Conrad

  • 2007-08, 08-09, 09-10, 11-12, 12-13, 13-14: Bob Flemming

  • 2014-18: Jan Anderson

  • 2018-Current: Craig Panning

Source: A History of Lake Francis and the Surrounding Areas, Compiled by Friends of the Lake

Not-for-Profit Status

Lake Francis Area Recreation & Conservation Club is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to our organization are deductible under section 170 of the Code. The LFARCC is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. The IRS letter regarding our exempt status is on file and available to anyone requesting a copy.

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