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Online Trained Boat Driver Course:

This Drivers Program is designed to teach boat drivers, beginner through advanced, to safely operate a towboat while towing a skier/rider. The major emphasis of this program is safety consciousness at all times, and upon completion of the program, the Driver will have the knowledge and skills to implement all necessary precautions to safely tow a skier/rider.


  1. A Trained Driver is equipped with the necessary knowledge to safely operate a boat while towing a skier/rider.

  2. A Trained Driver is eligible to drive USA Water Ski-sanctioned club practices/exhibitions, Basic Skills Clinics and GrassRoots events.

  3. A Trained Driver is eligible to drive for camps and ski schools.

For more information regarding USA Water Ski’s Trained Boat Driver Program, CLICK HERE

Minnesota Personal Watercraft Laws:

Every personal watercraft operator has the legal responsibility to know the law, so please take a few minutes to review the following regulations.  Do you know the age limit to operate a personal watercraft?  Check out the brochure attached...   

PWC Brochure


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